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20-in-1 Airpod Cleaner Kit MMH Airpod keyboard camera cleaning set includes big brush, cleaning cloth, dust removal air blower(can be used with extension short rod and long rod),keycap puller,switch puller, extension rods, screen cleaner, little scrub brush, soft bristle brush, SIM card ejector, elbow brush, headphone bin cleaning pile, earphone brush, cleaning nib, short bristle brush, charging case brush, camera screen brush. Completely meet your needs to clean your all electronics.
🖍 Professional Cleaning Tool for Airpods Earbuds Five Components-Earphone brush+cleaning nib+small elbow brush+earbuds charging case brush+headphone bin cleaning pile, does its cleaning job well. Cleaning nib can remove crevice stains and stubborn residues, earphone and elbow brush can clean the dust in the mesh or small holes without damaging the sound outlet. Case brush and cleaning pile can easily clean the Airpod charging case.
💻 Effective Screen Cleaning Combination Microfiber Cleaning Cloths and Sprayer are dedicate for Electronics Screen cleaning. Easily remove oil stains and fingerprints from the screen of cell phone, tablet, laptop, indicator, TV, glasses, and camera lens screens.
⌨【Professional Keyboard Cleaning Kit】Big High-Density Brush Brush+Small Scrub Brush+Keycap Puller+Switch Puller. Use keycap puller and switch puller can easily pull the keycaps and keyboard spindle from the keyboard without damaging it, then you can use its built-in large, high-density brush and little scrub brush that easily cleans debris and dirt from keyboards, desktops and etc.
📷【Cleaning Kit for Camera】Dust removal air blower( two types blowing nozzles can be replaced: extension short rod or extension long rod) + little short bristle brush + Camera screen brush. Use air blower to blow out the dust from camera or keyboard gap, then use bristle brush to clean dust of other little gap, then use camera screen brush to clean the camera lens, absorbs dust from the screen and gives the lens a new look.

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